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The Rules of Small Business Marketing Have Changed ...

Small Business Marketing Strategies Marketing Consultant OrlandoWhere are YOU @t on the Web?

The marketing world has changed ... Have you changed with it? What worked for your business yesterday, has probably lost its efficiency and impact. The Internet has come to play a critical role in promoting your business. If you haven't accessed the marketing potential of a business web site or eCommerce, now is the time. 

You need a marketing plan that will integrate traditional marketing strategies with Internet marketing, incorporating all your efforts into a comprehensive marketing program designed to attract new business, educate and inform your target market, create sales opportunities, build client relationships and retain customers all within your marketing budget. Your plan must build upon corporate branding, market positioning, incentive and loyalty programs. It must maximize every effort to convey your marketing message in a clear, concise manner.

You need a marketing plan that will complement your strategies with online marketing, driving traffic to your web site, driving traffic to your location and increasing sales overall.

With more and more people using the Internet as a source for information (see recent statistics), your web site must maintain high Internet visibility. 85% of Internet users resort to search engines to find what they are looking for. We can help improve your ranking in the search engines through a variety of optimization techniques starting from selecting your URL, to web site design, and navigation, content editing, search engine optimization, SEO, keyword placement, search engine marketing, SEM, pay per click campaigns through Google and Overture, search engine submissions, paid inclusion programs and pay for performance programs. reciprocal linking campaigns, and more.

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When you do get visitors to your web site, you need to engage, educate, and inform them about your company quickly. We can help improve the usability of your web site, streamlining the sales process to its utmost efficiency. We specialize in proven methods to entice visitors to bookmark your site and return again and again. We also offer complete web site evaluation for existing sites.

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