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Email and Newsletter Campaigns Keep Your Company on Top of Mind (TOP) of Your Prospects

It's not about the products or services you sell each month. The purpose of building a database of prospects or customers is to build long-term relationships with your customers that will keep your brand in front of them and keep you in business.

Customers/prospects are encouraged to become participants in an interactive, ongoing marketing campaign. The first step in this process is to get their willingness to "opt in" and volunteer to receive a series of communications from you via emails or eNewsletters. The second step is to provide them with a program to educate them about services or products and their benefits. In all steps after this, you continue to give your customers valuable information and benefits that they are receiving from you. Keep them interested through special promotions, pertinent incentives, etc. Continue to inform, up-sell and keep your brand in front of your customer.

Give us a call to quote a customized e-mail campaign based on your database. We also offer e-mail campaign analysis providing critical information like bounces, non-opened, opened and click throughs. We can also manage your existing database and offer appending e-mails to your database or adding addresses to your e-mail lists.

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