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Offering a Comprehensive Online Marketing Plan

"Build it and they will come" is no longer an option on the Internet with over 180 Million Internet users in North America alone. With 85% of these Internet users utilizing search engines and search directories to find websites, and over 300 million searches performed everyday on search engines, how are you going to be found?

Valuable, proven search engine marketing techniques are used when building a web site design for our clients, or OTMS can perform a website evaluation on an existing site to assist in optimizing the site to receive targeted traffic.

Keyword Evaluation. Effective optimization for search engines requires more than just fiddling with the web pages - OTMS carefully researches, focuses and selects specific keywords for maximum success. more.

Web Site Copywriting. Web page copy is of major importance for search engines, directories and customers. Search robots need machine-readable content (text not graphics) on a web page and HTML tags to index the site. Directory editors decide whether or not to list your site based on unique and relevant content. more.

Web Site Usability. Once you've lost a customer on your website, you've lost that customer for good. This happens for many reasons: faulty or ambiguous navigation, bad interface design, long download time, incompatible technology and so on.To obtain a free copy of our usability checklist click here

Website Statistical Analysis and Reporting. The Web is, without a doubt, the most measurable medium. Web analysis is the same basic concepts as Marketing 101 - audience segmentation, cost per thousand people reached, etc. You can obtain critical insight into your visitors' interactions with your website, measure campaign performance, evaluate the effectiveness of the site's navigation and content and more. OTMS uses two major levels of insight in web analysis: more.

Reciprocal Linking Campaigns. Most search engine algorithms now include link popularity which started with Google. This technology works by first identifying the link structure of the entire web, then ranking individual pages based on the number and importance of pages linked to them. Identifying your inbound links and increasing the number of important, relevant inbound links is an essential part of your search engine market strategy.

Email & Newsletter Campaigns. It's not about the products or services you sell each month. The purpose of building a database of prospects or customers is to build long-term relationships with your customers that will keep your brand in front of them and keep you in business. more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Depending on your budget there are a variety of methods that can significantly improve your ranking in the search engines. We specialize in developing a customized program within your budget using a combination of techniques and avoid problematic practices that could be considered spamming and get you permanently banned from the engines.

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