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Turning Your Web site Into a Marketing Tool.

By Janet Bronte, On Track Marketing Solutions

Chances are when you first developed your business web site you took your company brochure and transferred it up online. And that was great for initially getting you up on the Internet and being able to say, "Yeah, we have a web site, we are internet savvy and professional". But, if you haven't done anything past the point of just getting your brochure up online, you are missing out on the best marketing tool you may ever have.

When developed properly your web site can serve as an online sales mechanism collecting data from your web visitors for subsequent campaigns that build stronger relationships with your prospects and customers. Just as a sales person keeps in touch with their prospects periodically by calling them, stopping in or sending them a newsletter, your web site can streamline that process, by generating automatic e-mail's to your online database.

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Two Clicks Is All You Get To Make an Internet Sale

by Janet Bronte, On Track Marketing Solutions

So you have a web site. Great! But how well is it working for you? Do you send your prospects to your site to demo your products or service? Can customers place their order online? Can new prospects find you on the Internet through the search engines? Can your sales staff access status reports and download company forms as needed? Or does your site simply facilitate e-mail correspondence and show that, yes, you are on the Internet and have a web presence?

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Be LEAN and MEAN, Advertising in uncertain times.

by Janet Bronte, On Track Marketing Solutions

Unless you're an ostrich with your head in the sand, you don't need to be reminded that these are some pretty tough times. And when times are tough, our instincts tell us to stop spending, tighten the old belt buckle and adopt a wait-and-see approach. But, it is through this very approach, that we will undoubtedly begin to watch our sales drop, our in-store traffic die down and our anxieties rise.

Economic slow down shouldn't mean a slow down in marketing efforts. In fact, several studies show that advertising during a recession not only maintains your presence in the marketplace for customers who may need your products or services during this period, but after the tough times subside, you're apt to gain more market share than the competitors that chose to be nonexistent, cutting their advertising all-together.

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