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Website Usability is Critical for Web Conversions

Web Site Usability. Once you've lost a customer on your web site, you've lost that customer for good. This happens for many reasons: faulty or ambiguous navigation, bad interface design, long download time, incompatible technology and so on.

Usability is an integral part of the design process. It should not constrain good design. Rather, it should enhance the ability of a good design to create a highly functional and usable site. You want to ensure the visitor convert into a customer and will revisit the site in the future.

Web Site Usability Checklist:

  • Is the web site designed to give your audience what they want?
  • Is it efficient?
  • Is it intuitive?
  • Does it appear and function consistently throughout the site?
  • Is it engaging enough for the user to feel in control and relaxed?
  • Does the home page portray your business in a distinctive light?
  • Does the branding appear on all pages and in a prominent area of the site?
  • Does the main navigation appear in a prominent place before the scroll?
  • Are text links also provided at the bottom of every page?
  • Does the site have a site map or search tool?
  • Are the navigation tools consistent across the site?
  • Are images optimized for their file size?
  • Have you cross-linked content within the site?
  • Are the interactive programs on your site compatible with your target audience's browser?
  • Does your site have a pleasing interface, with colors matching the need and flavor of the site?
  • Is the interface consistent throughout the web site?
  • Does the site look the same on different platforms and browsers?
  • If you are asking the visitor for their e-mail address, does the site also have a privacy statement?

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